What a difference cabinets make!

On Tuesday, we were at a point that I felt like we may never get done.  Things were starting to come together
  • All painting but the study was done
  • Hardwood floors stained and 2 coats of poly with the 3rd to be done after everything else is done
  • All new doors in and painted
  • Electricians working on the final lighting
But the kitchen was bare.  No calls from the cabinet maker that he was done and I was getting worried.  Yesterday, I never went into the house. I was in my office heads down.

I walked into the house this morning and.............................................. WOW see what has been accomplished:
Looking over the bar/island cooktop into the kitchen.

Front of cooktop island

Another look at the kitchen
And just heard from our contractor that the countertop guy is headed here to make the template for the counters!   I can see progress and I have a kitchen.  Okay I can't cook in it yet but I have one!


  1. You and Bill must be getting excited about the progress and anxious to have it done. It's really looking great! Ellen

  2. Thanks Ellen, we are very anxious!