Weekly Wrap Up

 I am going to try to post a weekly wrap up each week on Saturday for the previous week but I reserve the right to be late and it may always end up on Tuesdays!

We have a name for our preschool............... Anderson Academy .... LOL I know not the most original but hey we like it.  While we will not formally start doing desk work in the study room in the house until October, it doesn't mean learning isn't happening.  I guess most would call this k-4 curriculum "unschooling" but it works for us.  Dad is the primary teacher as we start this adventure.

Last week we got the cabinet setup in the RV for our school.     

In the RV, we are limited on space, so we have a few workbooks for writing and shapes, for reading we have the Usborne First Reading Set and other items include two games, one a busy bug set (colors and sets, early math) and a phonics card set.

Here is we are playing with the bug set. She is making bug soup, hence the bowl. YUMMMMMMMM my favorite is purple and blue bugs!   Little one also likes having her dad or me make the soup while she calls out the recipe:     
  • 2 blue bugs
  • Stir gently
  • All of the beetles
  • ETC!

On Wednesday night, it was the start of FUNdamentals at church.  Playing mass chaos, I was really impressed with her following directions and getting to play with the big kids.  Basically Mass Chaos is a dirty, messy and hilarious time for kids of all ages.

So what did we learn? 

Play = school!
Cleaning up allows us to know where to find things the next day
Getting messy can be a learning experience (gotta remember that Mom!)

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