Weekly Wrap up: Field Trip

This week we have my best friend here from Michigan.  Thank you to her hubby for letting her come down for a whole week! 

Thursday night it was a Low Country Crab Boil in Aunt Kristi's honor!  It was YUMMY but we could have done without all the gnats.

Not much schooling has been done this week, however, we had a field trip to Charleston on Saturday.  Little one took her aunt to The Battery, over the Ravenel Bridge to Patriot's Point, through Bill's Alma mater, The Citadel, and out to one of our favorite restaurants, The Grill on the Edge

This was the first time little one and I have been able to walk around Battery Park!   Did you know that while it is commonly known as Battery Park, White Point Gardens is the actual park part? In the past, it has always been raining when we have been to tour around Charleston.   Of course admittedly until this time, it has always been in November when we have gone.

In preparation for the trip, we did a bit of research on the bridge and how it was made.  I love bridges and so this was fun research for me.  Other than little one getting to learn how to use a search engine on the computer, I think the whole exercise was kind of wasted on her.  But I learned a lot!  For instance, there are 128 individual cables between the support piers and each of those cables can hold over 1 million pounds!    Here is a link to some great photos of it since it is quite hard to take one while riding in the van.


On Sunday, we celebrated little one's 4th birthday with friends and family.  One of the highlights of the afternoon was little one and her friends ATTEMPTING to break the pinata bought by Aunt Kristi!   Well, let me tell you, this pinata could have been the poster child for a Volkswagen.  One of the cousins finally had to bust it open with a two-handed swing.   Little one was very happy with her presents and will enjoy them for the next ...... oh month or so!

So what did we learn this week?
  • We aren't quite ready for history beyond climbing on cannonballs & cannons.  Okay, we loved the sailboats!
  • Bridge construction at this point is not an option for a career path.  Little one was not as impressed as I was.  Boat captain might be.
  • Aunt Kristi loves to spoil me
  • Preparation of crabs is hard work, messy and WET. Note to Momma... let me wear my bathing suit next time and you won't have to make me change 3 times before company shows up.
  • Birthdays should be everyday.

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  1. Yes, Aunt Kristi loves to spoil Lil One! XOXO Had a wonderful time! 5 months and counting!

    <3 Aunt Kristi