Coupon Savings this week

This post is happening late Sunday (okay early Monday Morning) night.  As I haven't gone to bed yet, it is still Sunday night to me. 

Anyway, I have finally finished going through my two papers and clipping coupons I wanted and saving those I don't for my coupon exchange club.   This is also the time that I try to re-organize my coupon binder.  And I found out I need more baseball card sheet protectors!!!  I thought I did last week but now I am officially out of room in those that I have!  So I guess my shopping list this week just got a bit bigger. 
After completing the clipping and the organizing, it is time to sit down and tally up how I did this last week in my savings calculator.   And tonight, I have decided to share with you how I did and how I arrive at that number:

Week ending Saturday 9/10/2011

Store Names Total Cost, if no Coupons Coupons Actual Spent Percentage Saved
Bi-Lo $131.91 $30.76 $101.15 23.32%
CVS $30.86 $11.73 $19.13 38.01%
Walgreen's $61.59 $2.51 $59.08 4.08%
Other (this week: Wal-Mart & Petco) $175.17 $20.57 $154.60 11.74%
TOTALS $399.53 $65.67 $333.96 16.41%

Overall, I give myself a C this week.  Although I was under my goal of 25% saved this week, I did score some big wins.
  • New exercise outfit for $12 at Wal-Mart which if I had bought it at the beginning of Summer would have cost me $25+.
  • $.50 off per gallon at the pump.  Thank you Bi-Lo !!!!  That made our price per gallon $2.99. 
  • B1G1 1/2 off Walgreen's brand scored us two cans of nuts for $5.00 and I put money on my Walgreen's prescription card for the next trip.
  • Party favors and wrapping paper paid for by my coupon savings at Wal-Mart for Jea's Birthday next Sunday!
So how did you do this week at the store?  Tell us about your big wins.

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