5 Years and Counting

Happy Anniversary were the first words I heard this morning.  "I Love you" coming right after.   I can hardly believe that five years ago, I was saying "I do" to my best friend and love.

I remember moments in time of our wedding day.  
  • I was the driver of the boat (Lincoln Continental) to the hairdresser's and to brunch.  hey it was huge compared to my Kia Sorrento!
  • Standing at the top of the stairs waiting on my dad with my bridesmaids telling jokes so I wouldn't cry
  • Seeing Bill's Dad with a grin that about split his face open -- he is the one on the scooter in the background behind Bill.
  • Standing over the a/c vent while pictures where taken and breathing a sigh of relief  --- wedding coordinator forgot to turn on the a/c 2-3 hours before we got there.  Mind you the temperature outside was about 102.  That was down from the week prior when we were stuck in the 110's!
  • Two of my dearest friends picking up my Mom's wheelchair and carrying her up the stairs so she could sit with friends and family in one of the reception rooms!   That made me cry when I saw them.
  • Lots of beer and wine flowing freely at the post-reception get together back at our house.
  • Trying to find a restaurant on a Sat Evening which could hold 20 people easily when June, mother-in-law who was soused but good, announced it was time to feed the crowd.  And no, buckets of fried chicken were not to be served!
  • Revenge on my matron of honor later that night.  Who else but me would decide to go toilet paper a house on their wedding night? 
  • Watching our wedding video and laughing my butt off at the antics of my father and my father-in-law lighting the Unity Candles!   Bill was not so amused as me when it was happening LIVE!
Looking back, I can see I should have had a clue it was going to be an adventure.  Over the last five years we have had a few surprises, wonderful days and a few tragedies.  Through it all, Bill has been by my side and I by his.  I thank God every day for the wonderful man I married.


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