Tackle it Tuesday -- Transforming My Chandelier

Here is my goal:  Transform the frosted glass and metal chandelier bought at the Savannah, GA Habitat for Humanity Re-store for $25 from mottled brown and red to a hammered silver finish. 

We bought the paint to do this project over a month ago. I am notorious for starting a project and never finishing.  
 I have priced a similar chandelier in a lighting store for over $300.  I figure between spray paint and a little elbow grease, I will have a light in my dining room I am proud of for less than $40.  Especially since I already have sandpaper in the shed from other projects of Bill and my Dad's.

This one I have a deadline as the electricians will be ready to put this in for me early next week in my new dining room.  Well no more procrastinating.  I have the first coat on the lamp and oh what a difference a couple of hours on an afternoon makes. 

I still have one to two more coats to do but hey Bill can't complain, I am getting it done!  Tackling it and finishing it will be a major accomplishment.  Come back next Tuesday to see the finished product (maybe hanging in the dining room if the electricians are done as they think they will be.)

Thank you to The Daily Meme and 5 Minutes for Mom  for the inspiration to get it done!   I will definitely be tackling more projects as summer turns into fall. 

What are you tackling today?

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