Renovation Day 1 - Demolition starts

TODAY is the day! Demolition of the kitchen, living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen area, weird double entry foyer and hallway has begun.

I foresee lots of Wordless Wednesday posts coming out of this renovation!  For today I will outline what we are doing and how it is going!

To understand what we are doing, please take a look at the existing floor plan.  Can you see a major design flaw in the kitchen?  Wait for it................. yep you guessed it, the cook top island.   If you think it looks bad in a flat drawing, it is nothing compared to the reality.  Both Bill and I have lost over 200lbs from our largest weight, and we still can't get by it without turning sideways.  And heaven forbid you have someone who wants to come into the kitchen when the oven door is down!

Here are some of the highlights of our new plan, come back later this week to see the floor plans!
  • Kitchen wall where the refrigerator is today will be gone, at least the upper portion
  • New door to a new deck on the sink side of the kitchen
  • Flooring refinished darker throughout the house
  • New cook top, oven/microwave/convention oven combo on the wall
  • New cabinets, sink and counter top
  • Today's dining room will be the study and Jea's classroom
  • Today's Eat-in kitchen area (also known as the den by Bill and his sister) will be the dining room
  • Living room wall that makes the hallway is gone

Today, the carpet in the hallway and the molding from all of the front rooms is being removed by Bill and his nephew.

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