Renovation: The Wall is gone!

Okay not completely gone but the dry wall is gone. 

You can really start to see just how open the living room is going to be.  Bill has his assignment from our contactor for what must be completed before the crew arrives on Tuesday.  We must have the drywall gone on the walls and pieces of walls that are going to be removed.  The studs must remain because most of the walls we are removing are load bearing and beams must be put in place along with columns.

So far, between our nephew and Bill:
  • The wall dividing the living room and hallway has been demolished.  
  • The wall between the telephone room and the living room is gone. 
  • The carpet is gone in the hallway and telephone is gone
  • We found out there is hardwood through out the house and we are pulling out all the carpet and refinishing the whole house! WOOHOO! Can you tell I am excited?

Sunday's agenda:
  • Pack up the kitchen and in the process determine what must be packed and what is going out to the RV
  • Move furniture out of our bedroom and closet room in anticipation of pulling up carpet
  • Couponing (a whole other story that I haven't written yet)
  • Laundry

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