It's that time of the year..............

And most of us finish the sentence with "Back to school" but I think about all the birthdays, holidays and gift giving I have to do in the fall and winter. 

Yes I am one of those that tries to have most of the gifts bought for Christmas long before Black Friday arrives.  Even though I love (cough cough -- oh wait 6 -8 hours of shopping without a little one tagging along -- I should be jumping for joy) getting up and shopping at 4am to get the best deals, I am usually looking for clothes at that time.  All the family items, couple gifts and daughter gifts are pretty much completed.  As for birthdays and anniversaries, I am sick of shopping by the time October gets done.

Why you ask?  Well, my wedding anniversary is September 2, Daughter's birthday is September 18, my birthday (LOL Bill does do his own shopping most of the time) is September 25 and Bill's birthday is October 6.  Along with friends birthdays on September 12, 14, 27 and October 3, 6, 9, that is a lot of shopping for one month!

Hence my post today........ it is SimplyFun's Birthday for the whole month of August.  We have great deals and one can find gifts for the whole family to enjoy on game night, family get togethers and long cold winter nights. There are quite a few on my wishlist that I will be purchasing by the end of the month!  You can join me at our Family Game Night Party to purchase some great gifts for your family and friends too.  Wouldn't it be nice to have some of your Christmas bought now -- no long lines, waiting till the last moment and at great savings too!

My Family Wishlist:

  • Any of the puzzles since Jea can put them faster than I can get them out of the box. 
  • More Eye to Eye:  The original Eye to Eye is always a hit at our gatherings.  SimplyFun also has junior Eye to Eye which I think we will soon be purchasing as well.
  • The Family Game Night Value Pack looks interesting as we only have three of the six games.  And at $145 for all of them, the savings is wonderful.  I could always gift one of the ones we already own to others. HMMMMM might be the way to go.
    • Includes:
      • Take Your Pick II
      • Bringing Down the House
      • Who Gets The Cheese
      • Head of the Herd
      • Walk the Dogs
      • Eye to Eye
  • Tibbar & Friends Value Set:  This is a great set for Jea.  And they will be great items to have in our preschool for fun ways to learn! 
    • Includes:
      • Everyday Big Board
      • Big Box of Words
      • What Comes Next? ABC's & 123's
      • Digger's Garden Match
      • Pop Belly
      • Tibbar's Tangrams
Take a peek and let us know which ones would be on your list!

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