Wordless Wednesday: So many Cookbooks

Today's pictures brought to you courtesy of my frantic search for appetizer and sweets recipes for our open house.  Why is it that with so many cookbooks, I find very few recipes I want to try out!  I have till next Thursday to decide what I am going to fix.

Small wire bound cookbooks -
mostly these are from organization fundraisers

Beta Sigma Phi and Family cookbooks -- and Betty Crocker collection. 
The blue on the right is signed by Alton Brown whom I
met in Louisville in 2007; alas I have used one recipe from it!

Diabetic, sugar free and Southern Living Books.  I use the Slow Cooker one all the time.
The only two in my collection which may actually be used for the housewarming appetizer buffet!
Along with the old standby of rotel cheese and chips!

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