Renovation Decisions

It's starting!   Bill asked me to decide what I must keep out of the kitchen in order to survive cooking in the RV.  We start demolition of the kitchen this week!  One of my goals is to document the transformation.  We decided on the following over the last month ...
713 Fireside
  • Cabinets
    • Carpenter: Scott Smoak out of Walterboro will build our cabinets
    • Style: Shaker flat panel with solid drawer
    • Wood: Maple
    • Stain: Fireside is the name from Gemini
    • Layout: Only 4 lower doors and lower cabinet bases will be 28 inches deep
  • Flooring
    • Living, Dining, Kitchen, Hall & Study: Oak flooring with variable plank sizes to incorporate what we already have and adding in larger plank size
    • Stain: Fireside which when on the Oak will be about 1 shade darker
  • Appliances
    • Cook top: Gas from Kenmore with 5 burners in black on black
    • Wall Oven: 30 inch electric Kenmore brand in black on black
    • Wall Microwave/Convention Oven combo: Kenmore brand in black on black
    • Dishwasher:  GE 24 inch black on black with utensil drawer in the door
    • All purchased through a wonderful program offered by my employer for all employees.  The program is a benefit and allows us to purchase these items at a lower cost through Sears Commercial Sales.  Thank you HP!
    • Refrigerator:  We will keep our current ones with one in the house and one in the laundry room.
We start renovations with the contractor's crew as soon as next week but could be up to two weeks away depending on his schedule.  I will be taking the Before pics this week and posting them soon so check back often as we move forward!

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