Mystery Shopper Party Update

Not much to update, I have been advertising it on various facebook fan pages but still we have no orders.  Maybe I am a little early for the Christmas and Hanuka gift-givers to buy!  So that is my update for this week.  The facebook mystery shopper party runs through Oct 22, 2010.  Come and join us!

On the note of mystery shopper parties, I have also been the hostess over the last four days for one in one of my Yahoo Groups (WAHMShoppersClub).  It did very very well.  We had two drawings, one for a $5 gift certificate good for one year and one for one book in the Conspiracy 365 series. We had over $85 in retail sales during the party days.  This is the largest party I have hosted with the group and I am very very happy.  We had a drawing amongst those who purchased at the party and the winner receives the $15 in free Usborne Merchandise! 

If anyone is interested in hosting their own show, please contact me via this blog, at my email: lmanderson@bilisent.com or on the Bill & Lise Enterprises Facebook Page.

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