An article that got me to thinking!

Earlier this week, I was reading one of the blog entries from the SimplyFun Home Office, http://blogs.simplyfun.com/playtimes/2010/09/19/did-you-know/.  The survey results are also in.   It sparked my interest and I decided to share it here.

In my house, the TV is on from just about the time we get up to the time we go to bed.  In fact, I am the guilty party not my daughter!  I like the noise it provides.  It's not that we (read here I) can't spend hours with the TV off, it is more that we just don't turn it off enough!     I have great intentions but do not always follow through with them. 

TV is not our only downfall.  Bill and I use laptops all day long and many, many evenings.  Jea is learning that behavior from us. The article brought home just how much we watch tv, play on the computer or I check my email on my phone. 

The article mentioned above has renewed my resolve to spend more time with my daughter without a tv or computer on.  One of the easiest things I have done the last few days is to leave my laptop in the office in the evenings till Jea goes to bed.  This gives us time to share our day, play with her playdough or put puzzles together.  While we have not always turned off the TV during this time, it is a great improvement for our time before bed.

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