What is Heaven?

For the last 9 months, Jea has been inside more hospital waiting rooms than a three year old should have to see.  Many times Grandma has been in a hospital or in ICU where Jea was not allowed.  So those times, we were allowed to let Grandma and Jea see each other were precious.   Of course, we now have a daughter who can point out hospitals faster than most adults.  The long road of illness and seeing the inside of hospitals is now over.  Grandma passed from this life into Heaven on Monday morning.

Bill and I told Jea about Grandma on Monday afternoon.  Her first words were "Grandma is like Nytrex."  Nytrex being our cat that we lost a year ago.  We agreed with her.  She happily accepted that and went on to play with her cousins.

Fast forward to Thursday evening at the setting up or viewing for those not from the South.  Many people came and paid their respects. During the course of the evening more than once someone mentioned about Grandma being in Heaven.   One of those times, Jea heard and turned to her Daddy and said "What is Heaven?"

How do you tell a three year about heaven?  I am sure that many have had this question asked and know that the answer has to be age appropriate.  Our answer, "Heaven is a wonderful place where you go when you die. And our Lord is waiting with open arms to welcome you."  Jea's first response:  "Oh okay."  A bit later she came back and told us "I know where Grandma is. She is in a hospital in Heaven and we need to go there to see her."

I am sure we will have more questions as we continue to go to Grandma's house for family functions.  But at least right now, Jea is content to think that Grandma is in Heaven's hospital.  And we as parents have done our job to explain at her level Grandma is no longer with us.

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