Jea's Christmas Wishlist

Jea and I worked on her Santa List this weekend.  I will type it up and send to Santa after Thanksgiving but thought I would post it here first.  Maybe Santa will pick it up without me having to mail it!  LOL He has to be online by now, right?

Jea's Christmas List:
  • Books and Games
    • Usborne Books Wishlist  Jea loves books and games.  She is not reading, yet, but does memorize new books after about the second time it is read to her.  She loves to pick out letters and is starting to be able to accurately trace her name and other capital letters.  She is well on the way to reading, in my opinion!  Rhyming books are some of her favorites and we have started to introduce chapter books into our storytime.  I plan to keep on reading to her for a long time. 
    • SimplyFun Wishlist (okay they don't have a wishlist function so I had to put together individual games she wants):  One of the games on this list is family oriented and two are more educational to help her with her reading and math skills.
    • Others
      • Jigsaw Puzzles of 32 pcs or more.  She loves these things and is so good at them. The puzzles she got for her birthday (24pcs each)  are put together in about 15 minutes.  And this was true after the first time Bill or I helped her with them.  She has even helped me put together a 150 piece puzzle at the dining room table.  Admittedly, she helped in spurts as she is only 3 years old and her attention span is not that great!
      • Dirt Devil Jr Upright Vacuum: Jea loves to use my little hand held rechargeable vacuum and wants to run the big one.  I say more power to her as I hate to vacuum although as we all know cleaning must be done. Bill and I have already determined that vacuuming will be one of her household chores as she gets bigger!  She was so excited this weekend when we were looking through the toy magazines/online sites everytime she saw a vauum and said "Mommy, look my size vacuum!"
      • Crayola Beginnings Color Me a Song: Combining two of Jea's loves, music and coloring, into one!  Who can beat that?
      • LeapPad Learning Games:  I got a leappad last month at a garage sale for $7 along with two books.  Jea would like more.  However, I have had a hard time finding more games/books for this thing.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, please comment!
      • FisherPrice KidTough New Digital Camera : Maybe with this, I will get my camera back and be able to take more pictures.  Jea always wants to see and to take pictures with my camera.  It is a bit bulky for her and I scared she will drop it!  So my compromise is to maybe get her her own camera!
  • Clothes
    • Socks: Jea is her mother's daughter -- she loves socks and wants them to match her outfits!
    • Winter clothes:  Long sleeves, dresses and pants. 
As most parents know, Jea, being 3, would prefer more toys than clothes!

What is on your child's Wishlist for this Holiday Season?  I am sure we can all share some great ideas with each other.

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