Potty Training Saga

Well, this has been an on-going saga for awhile now!  As of July of this year, our daughter has been accident free on the #1 side of the equation.  She just got it after about 2 weeks of moving from pull-ups/diapers to cloth training pants.  On the other hand, #2 (poop) has not been as successful!  I will say that on that front, she has never been bothered by a dirty and stinky diaper.  In fact, many times since she learned the word NO, it has been a fight to change her when she is dirty.  Moving away from diapers did not change this!

About the 15th of August, we moved Jea from training pants to actual little girl panties includig those with Dora the Explorer or one of the Disney Princesses on them.  I thought this might entice her to keep those panties clean and be moved to poop in the toilet!  No such luck. And her dad and I were getting very very tired of cleaning out the panties.  We did make the pact that we would not put Jea back into diapers or pull-ups, however!

Move forward to about 2 weeks ago.  A friend related the trick that worked with her oldest.  She has 4 boys so I decided that it couldn't hurt!  Her trick was to take away pants and underwear if her son did not use the toilet to go #2.  This is how we implemented it:
  • Told Jea that as of today (Saturday, September 4, 2010), if she poopd in her panties, they would be taken away and in the house she would not be allowed to wear them again until she pooped in the potty.
  • If she pooped in the potty, then she would recieve a sticker on the chart.  5 stickers = a trip to Bouncy Bratz!
It took us two weeks and about 5 accidents, 1 day of constipation but we must be on the right track............

As of last night, we have 5 stickers on the poopy chart and that means a trip to Bouncy Bratz on Friday. 
Jea was so cute last night.  She came running out of the bathroom with shorts and panties at her knees and yells "Mommy, Daddy, come look." She then turns around and runs back into the bathroom. 
So we get up and go into the bathroom.  Bill and I praise her for the poop in the potty.  Jea hands Bill the toilet paper she has wadded up and says "Oh I need help with wiping!"  I about fell down on the floor laughing! She was so serious about the whole process of wiping and the flushing of the toilet afterwards.

I am sure that we will still have some accidents but after our trip to Bouncy Bratz on Friday, we are upping the ante.  She will need to get 7 stickers, at least one a day, in a row with no accidents to earn another trip!

We will keep you posted on our progress.

PS: Do you have a toddler you are getting ready to train?  Usborne Books has a couple of wonderful options to get the party started......... Kane Miller book: "Everyone Poops" and Kane Miller book: "I Want My Potty".  Jea loves both of these books so much hat she can about recite both of them.  We also have a guide for parents, as well as many other books to get you on the road to no more diapers!

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