Lazy Sunday....sorta

Today was supposed to be a lazy day after church.  However, I got industrious and put together my new couponing system with trading card sheet protectors, 4x6 photo sheet protectors and a vinyl 3 prong folder.  After putting together all of my coupons, I took a plain envelope on which to create my grocery list. I, then flipped through my coupons and added those coupons to the envelope I would be using.

Jea and I left Bill to take a nap.  (At least someone got a lazy day! LOL)  We went to the grocery store where Jea insists on getting a car cart!  Of course the cart, as always, had a rogue wheel but we muddled through the store.   At the end of the shopping trip, I had spent less than $100 between coupons and store specials.  Our normal shopping trip to the grocery store costs us about $130 each week.  Besides saving money, I only bought 1 item not on my list.  That one item cost me $1.

After dinner and night routine with Jea, I ordered some items from Usborne Books and More.  One of the items, a Dino Kid Kit, ships to WAHM Connect's Amber to review and use with her kids whom she homeschools.  Check out her website!  This is especially true for those who are in Direct Sales.

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