We're Back, Moved and NOT settled!

It has been a long 6 months with more major decisions than I can count, two major moves and one large remodel looming.  I am finally ready to start blogging again.  I will not promise how many posts I will do per week, but I am willing to commit that it won't be six months between posts again.
Just a few of the major decisions we have made:
  • Move to Hampton (Bill's hometown) or back to Oklahoma:  Hampton won (biggest impact - moving 18 hours from the best friends in the world)
  • Homeschool or Private School:  Homeschool won, were we ever in doubt? (more on that in the coming weeks!)
  • Remodel inherited house or build a new house: Remodel won due to finances!
  • Puppy or no Puppy:  puppy Chasseur (Chase for short), a Brittany, joined us two weeks ago and an American Water Spaniel will join us within the year more than likely
  • RV or Fifth Wheel:  RV won and we love it (more great posts coming on that in the coming weeks too!)
Two major moves:
  • Our move from Aiken to Hampton happened in late February.  We moved into the house which is still known as Grandmama's house. It was his Grandmother's house and it is a 1950's floorplan with small cut up rooms. 
  • In mid-March, we took our RV to Oklahoma to spend six weeks packing my Dad up (over 40 years of stuff) to move him back to Hampton with us.  He now lives in a small trailer about 50 yards behind our house.  Jea and Grandpa are great buds and I am so very thankful that she will have great memories later in life.
One large remodel looming:

As mentioned above, the house is a 1950's floorplan.  It has a large formal living room which by Bill's own admission, he was never allowed in as child.   The kitchen is cut off from every other room and has an island in the middle of it.  Sounds great doesn't it?  Well, not so much, the island is directly in front of a doorway and even with a combined 400lbs+ loss, Bill and I still have to turn sideways to access the doorway.

We will be taking out 4 walls, replacing them with 4 columns with header beams in between them.  Literally, one will be able to walk in door and see from the living room tv to the window over the sink!   I cannot wait.  We also have to patch in hardwood floors for areas where the walls are being moved as well as where carpet is being removed in a hallway.  Then we will refinish the floor to a darker stain than the current golden honey color!

This is all scheduled to start in mid-July.

Well I think I am done for now.  Stay tuned for more updates as the new chapter in our lives begins!

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